Thursday, July 21, 2011

ramble #1

"We need to give ourselves permission to be adults..." I tell my husband.
As soon as I say it I can hear how silly this must sound to him, I've been out of town a thousand miles away for work and he's been dad and Mr. mom to our 4 year old all week.

It made more sense before the words left my mouth. So here's some background: my husband and I are happily married, we married young and after 3 years became parents to our wonderful daughter. I went back to school and now that I have finally finish and I guess it just hit me ... there should be more time to try new things, accept the invite to a happy hour or just throw food together and invite the neighbors over. Normally there would always be a reason while this wasnt possible, I had a paper or we had no money, we don't have a sitter, etc...

My point was that although we are a wife and husband, a mom and dad, we are also adults and life doesnt always need to be planning or making time - sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to let life unfold, take the rare opportunity to do something you wouldn't normally do. Live in the moment and less in your schedule, otherwise your too busy planning.. too busy writing your own story that you don't enjoy it.

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