Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9th

Some of us feel we lost last night, some of us feel we won, some of us feel we voted for the lesser of two evils, some of us are completely torn. One thing is certain, the race last night was a blatant reflection of the division in our country. We are almost equally divided.

Some of us voted for women, some of us cast our vote for the economy, some of us voted for life or for a myriad of other reasons. But on November 9th we all woke up to the result of an election. The reaction that sears across the internet speaks for itself, there is a lot of emotion, there is a lot of relief, there is a lot of fear.

Above it all, what stands out to me most, is that we cannot afford to provoke the divide. The world is watching, the world is waiting, friends across the globe have weighed in, expressed their own opinions.

Uniting now is more important than ever, it means listening, it means loving, it means working alongside those that we believe (regardless of any differing opinion) are valuable to the success of this nation. Don’t ever forget – it’s still WE THE PEOPLE, it will always be the responsibility of WE THE PEOPLE, to be a reflection of the America we were born to know and love.

2 weeks of wisdom

I have 2 weeks to expel as much wisdom as possible.

That probably seems like a weird deadline or even a weird goal and I intend to explain more, I just hope it isn't too much information to follow.

You see, my sister, my younger sister (10 years younger actually) has decided that it is time for her to go to Korea to teach English and with that decision came a contract and with that contract comes a deadline. A two week deadline, for her to get everything in order before she gets on a plane and goes on a very long flight to a country she is familiar with, but a country that is too far away to visit regularly... if at all. She'll be gone for at least a year - I know it will be longer - and I will miss her incredibly much.

I will miss her and I will worry for her and I will miss her some more. The worry portion is where I hope to provide her everything that I feel is so very important to know before you go solo in a country to far away.